Mohawk Arrow Gyrocopters YG3 135 hp Kits from $39,900

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Arrow YG4 150 HP

Arrow YG4 Extreme 165 hp

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World's first ever Yamaha Genesis RX1 snowmobile engine used for aircraft is mounted on Air Command Gyrocoper built and owned by GT Mills of Mohawk Aero

FOR SALE: $34,495.00

World's first successful Yamaha Genesis

4-cyl (YG4) 145 HP Aircraft

Originally built/ flown 2012

600 lbs static thrust

68" Warp Drive prop

28' Dragon Wings

(not shown)

MTOW 1180#

Dry wt. 570#


Parts & Complete Kits AVAILABLE

AK7 Gearbox PSRU available in 2.72, 3.0 & 3.47:1 ratios, and choice of prop flange.

Prices from $1795.00

All YG2 and YG4 adapters for all PSRU's:  $1495.00


Rotax C and E box adapter $1495.00

Air-Tech RK400 Centrifugal Clutch: $550.00

 Mohawk GTF Flex Shaft Coupling 



GT Mills

Mohawk Aero Corps

108 Marabou Drive

West Columbia, SC 29169

Tel: 1-912-344-7900



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